Acer launches soon QWERTY slider phone with Windows Mobile 8 is based.

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The new generation of Microsoft Windows 8 is ready to work with some smart phones, and one of them was probably made by Acer smartphone it.

Acer QWERTY Hanset

Acer is one of the leading brand gadgets rumored that the production of a slider QWERTY phone with Windows Mobile 8th This product should be directed to low-end market.

As you know, before this latest production, has Acerpun a new version of the operating system, the Apollo is encoded released. Apollo is himself succeeded flexibility for producers another alternative to the QWERTY keyboard, add, or offer on the phone in February 2009 and the Acer M900.

Slider phone manufactured by Acer and is expected to be marketed in September 2012. Let’s see.


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