BlackBerry Dev 10 Alpha

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RIM has launched its BlackBerry OS 10 in the event that the BlackBerry World (BW), which took place in early May 2012, the city yesterday in Orlando. Reportedly the latest BlackBerry operating system will hit the market in the world gadget. Really? In the case of BW RIM also introduced the alpha QNX developers based on the BlackBerry platform 10. When considered in terms of design, at first glance looks like the BlackBerry Mini playbook and reminds us of the phone manufacturer Apple’s iPhone, but with larger screen sizes.

At the launch event at the 2012 World BlackBerry, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, said the device 10 is called BlackBerry BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10. BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10 is a touchscreen smartphone (touchscreen) rectangular in shape and has a diameter of 4.2 inch display with a resolution of 1280×768 pixels. Unlike other BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard is identical design using a dedicated RIM BlackBerry with full touch screen and leave the old tradition.

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Create a friend who may be confused to choose BlackBerry or Android, with the arrival of BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10, RIM expects to compete in the global market gadget to attract as many users of the application developer. This is because the BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10 has a software or hardware that is designed and manufactured to the developer. With a capacity of 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB internal Memoru, and comes with an SD card slot, this device is expected to increase storage capacity and a mini HDMI port. In addition to the growing speculation at this time RIM reports using a set of dual-core chips for ARM Cortex A9 BlackBerry Alpha 10 is revealing.


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