CZC U116T, Ultrabook and Pill Mixture Units with Intel Ivy Bridge, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD


An electronics company from China, CZC Tech, is rumored to have set up a tool that may be a mixture tablet with the title ultrabook and U116T to display in Computex 2012 event.

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Ultrabook with a detachable keyboard that comes with Intel processors and the newest era of Ivy Bridge can even be outfitted with 4GB RAM, HD 4000 and 128GB SSD.

CZC U116T has an 11.6 inch broad screen. As a result of the keyboard has a separate module, CZC Tech put the main components behind the scenes U116T. In addition, some port like a USB port, a USB 3.0 port, audio-out port, charging port, and port for docking with the keyboard module can also be placed around the screen.

Unfortunately CZC Tech has not provided information about the discharge date or worth of the CZC U116T. But certainly, the mixture pill and Ultrabook that will be showcased at Computex 2012 occasion next week.


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