Samsung Galaxy Replace Word 10.1, Delivers S-Slot Pen and Quad-core processors

Samsung recently offered “revised version” of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Notice that a number of months ago on show on the occasion MWC (Cell World Congress) in 2012. Presently on show at MWC, Samsung Galaxy Word 10.1 equipped with dual-core processor 1.four GHz, 1280 x 800 decision display, three MP camera, and S Pen without the slot to maintain it.

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Revised edition of the Samsung Galaxy Notice 10.1 is current for storing S Pen slot so customers can simply and conveniently using the hybrid accesories S Pen without having to worry is gone.

Pen slot S is not solely simply presented, however Samsung can be rumored to interchange the processor of the Dual-core to quad-core processor Exynos. Based on data circulating Note 1.10 Galaxy shall be launched onto the market in June.


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