Qualcomm ready provide of billions “chipset”

chipset   To build a cloud ecosystem can’t be performed alone, but the participation of all stakeholders is completely vital, including the readiness of the seller chipset suppliers,

Qualcomm, the world’s main semiconductor producers are prepared to produce billions of “chipsets” for superior mobile phone as an effort to build an ecosystem “cell cloud”.

“To build a cloud ecosystem cannot be achieved alone, however the participation of all stakeholders is totally obligatory, including the readiness of the seller’s chipset supplier,” said Senior Director and Nation Supervisor of Qualcomm, Bernhard, in a press release here on Sunday.

In keeping with Benhard, Qualcomm is ready to design Snapdragon processor with intensive range S1, S2, S3 and S4 for cellular units support all the needs of cloud.

World for cell phone chipset producers have launched a sequence of fourth-technology Snapdragon processor, which is powered by 2.5GHz processor with variant single core, twin core and quad core.

The fourth-technology chipset might be obtainable in one hundred twenty completely different manufacturers of devices with which the plan began circulating in late 2012 and early 2013.

He additional explained that the brand new technology Snapdragon chipset is eighty % faster, more attentive to 70 FPS (Honest Proportional Truthful Scheduler) and the efficiency of Java script 70 % better.

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Options are given, amongst others, is ready to report 1080p HD video, 3D gaming, sharing content material with the speed of light, and switch functions without pause.

The first generation Snapdragon issued in 2009 with the power of 1GHz, for instance, the Samsung Galaxy Y. The second technology is present in 2010 with a velocity of 1.4GHz and has been used by the BlackBerry Torch.

Whereas the third technology already use twin core as much as 1.5GHz in 2011 by handset HTC Sensation XE. Nicely, for 2012, Snapdragon has been enhanced with quad core processors as much as 2.5GHz.

In response to Benhard, until now Qualcomm chipset has patenting 7 billion


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