PS Vita, Artificial Sony PS Vita with TV Output Features, Browser, Camera and 3000 Games

After six months released by Sony, PS Vita immediately imitated by one company based in China with a similar name, PS Vista. This reminds us of the Polystation that is a clone of the Sony Playstation.
In the same case, PS Vista has started to spread widely in Southeast Asia markets. At first glance, the shape is very similar to the Sony PS Vita. But you certainly will not find the same performance with the Sony PS Vita when using PS Vista.

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PS Vista is a portable multimedia player that allows you to play music and videos anywhere. For the gaming, PS Vista has been equipped with a 3000 type NES and GBA games. Not only that, the PS Vista has also been equipped with a browser, camera, emulator and TV Output.
The price is cheaper than Sony PS Vita, which is about $ 55. Interested to have?


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