NDEF Push technology, two Android phones that use NFC technology can exchange data and information. So with only the downloading-tap, then the contacts, webpage, video, or music could be transferred, same such as using bluetooth.There are many versions of Android from Google’s operating system was first released, Android ICS – Ice Cream Sandwich is the operating system version 4.0 that was created Google. Google carries the slogan “Enchant me. Simplify my life. Make me awesome. ”
Completion is done by observing what is actually working on the iPhone and mobile phones with Windows operating systems. Then, they match it with their cell phones: look at what did not work on Android. So, what are the advantages of OS version 4 this?
Well here it is Excess ICS – Ice Cream Sandwich:
Home Screen
android 4,1
Looks like a honeycomb style (for the tablet version of the android). You can resize the widget liked us, so the appearance will look more comfortable.

Application icons can be dragged into the folder, ala IOS. But Ice Cream Sandwich superior to the iPhone by letting you place a contact person (or at least a speed dial shortcut) into the folder as well, and even put people in the ‘favorites’.



a little update on the keyboard that is inline spell checking capabilities.





First, we can not share a simple Android screenshots, as easy on the IOS device. Well, now Android has the ability to exactly the same screenshot, with a cute little Polaroid animation to highlight the action.





actually, the android notification system has been very good compared to other operating systems, but here is enhanced with a notification when the phone is locked






Signifikan considerable changes lies in the browser view. This browser capable opens an up to 16 tabs! Zoom no matter do not shaped horizontal in general, yet-shaped vertical and piled.

Generally, we sometimes display more interest in the desktop version of a site and what we do is eliminate sideman “m.” In the url link browser or search for ‘desktop view’ on a site, but the android version of the ICS we do not bother doing it, quite chose option – full screen, we will get a view website version of the desktop.


Gmail application did not escape the update. You can select multiple emails at once to speed up archiving. We can also flip through your email horizontally, to read faster and even looking back to 30 days, without being connected to the network.

Mobile Data
Actually this feature already exists in the version of android ever before, that we can turn off your mobile data to avoid unwanted costs of wireless carriers. We can also see graphs moon use our data, but the difference here is more specific. We can view the applications what is most suck up quota internet we. When found, we can also limit the quota for the relevant application. It’s awesome and useful for us that in Indonesia!

Video and Photos

New camera on phones Galaxy Nexus has the zero shutter lag, and supports video 1080p, time-lapse video photography, and other options. But beyond that, all the Ice Cream Sandwich will let you share your photos directly from the camera, and view all your images are not only organized by time but by the location or even people.
And like the iPhone, you can do some basic editing on the camera.

Design gorgeous
the new Android OS has a much different appearance from Gingerbread. It looks more elegant, and notification features were enriched and more interactive. Google also make improvements with the optimal number of new fonts to display HD.

Its interface is also seen regularly. In this latest Android, users can view the application date (recent apps), which recently opened and can be multi-tasking in the open apps. Recent appearance of these apps look like those used in the Honeycomb.

Home-screen on Ice Cream Sandwich now has widgets that size can be adjusted (resizable). Then, a new feature that made the home screen is able to create folders, as well as the action bar that can be customized quickly.

Unlock Face

Android is the latest operating system improvements of existing features and adding new features. With the “Face Unlock”, Galaxy Nexus can recognize your face, and you can unlock (unlock) the identification of faces. Wow cool is not it?

Edit pictures more easily and directly

although the phone is locked, you can simply take a photo with the camera. Before distribution to Facebook, can directly edit the photos with an application called Instagram. Features panoramic images also installed on this device.

Google +
In addition, the Ice Cream Sandwich comes with Google +. Sophisticated, you can do teleconferencing with up to ten people featured in the Google Hangout +.





Instant voice

now you can press the voice command button and start talking, but the text appears instantly when you were talking. This is different from the previous Android, IOS as well, who do it in stages.




Android Beam

This feature is a feature based on NFC techno


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